Choosing the Best Epoxy Floor Coating: Here’s How

Choosing the Best Epoxy Floor Coating: Here’s How

Epoxy flooring is created from multiple layers of epoxy resin and is widely used in both industrial and commercial areas because it holds up well and is low maintenance. Epoxy flooring is also growing in popularity for residential homes because it can add a touch of style and elegance to any room.

Several distinct types of epoxy floor finishings are available, so it’s critical to do your homework before selecting one for your home.

Epoxy Floor Coating With 100 Percent Solids (Two-Part)

Since they don’t contain traditional chemicals, 100 percent solids is the technical term for two-part epoxy floor coatings. Two-part epoxy coatings provide a concrete surface with a thick, hard, and attractive finish that rivaled that of professional-grade products. Sprinkling decorative chips over the set surface will add texture and beauty to an otherwise mundane setting. The product will be set and usable within 24 hours of application.

True 100-percent-solids epoxy is usually more expensive than other coatings and can be tricky to install. Most people choose to have an epoxy floor installer Pasco County install their new equipment because the process can be complex. These products give off strong fumes when applied, so that you will need good ventilation. You also have to work quickly with the coating because it does not take long before dries.

Water-based two-part epoxy floor coating

These products have the parts of real epoxy (resin and hardener/activator), but they also include water as a solvent. You can tell these products because you must mix two separate pieces before use. However, they can be cleaned up easily with just soap and water while wet. They’re also commonly advertised as “low VOC” or “low odor,” strikingly different from proper epoxies where ventilation is vital.

Curing time may be longer because the solvent must evaporate fully – 2 to 3 days or more. Because they’re water-based, like latex paint, they’re easier to use than 100% solids epoxy floor paints. The disadvantage is a thinner coverage that won’t endure as long.

One-Part Floor Coating

A proper epoxy floor coating is a two-part mixture that includes resins and a hardener/activator. Combining resin and hardener in a mixing bowl will create the best epoxy floor coating before application.

Professionals do the concrete floors by coating them in one container with a pre-mixed epoxy floor covering solution. It shouldn’t be seen as a coat but rather as paint.

Although the composition may outperform ordinary paint on a floor, it is not genuine epoxy material.

This table shows the different characteristics of each coating type:

Epoxy Floor Coating With 100 Percent Solids (Two-Part)  Water-based two-part epoxy floor coatingOne-Part Floor Coating
● It’s a two-part solution that combines the resin with the hardener and activator. ● The product will be known as “100 percent solids.” ● In under 24 hours, this substance will completely harden. ● The surface is quite hard and long-lasting.● The process involves combining the resin with a hardener and activator in two steps. ● Drying takes approximately 2 to 3 days. ● The most excellent approach to cleaning a moist instrument is with soap and water. ● “Low Odor” or “Low VOC,” on the other hand, is a misnomer. ● Every few years, you need to do a reapplication.● It’s simple to make. There are no two-part mixtures, as it comes in a single container. ● “One-part epoxy” or “epoxy/ acrylic” are the labels or names of this product ● It dries quickly, approximately an hour after you apply it. ● With soap and water, cleaning up is easy. ● Every few years, you must reapply.    

Epoxy floor coatings are often too sophisticated to figure out on your own. If you’d like more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact a professional for advice about the best epoxy floor coating for your needs. It’s more costly to make errors and not get the desired outcomes.

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