Choosing the Perfect Sofa – A Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the Perfect Sofa – A Buyer’s Guide

Sofas are the centerpieces of living rooms. While finding the ideal one may seem challenging, following some simple guidelines can help eliminate buyer’s remorse and help ensure a great purchase decision.

Make your selection by matching fabric to lifestyle needs; for instance, households with children may prefer performance fabrics that are durable yet easy to keep clean.

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As much as large furniture can make a room seem cramped and visually overwhelming, sofas offer a surprising exception! Since sofas tend to be one of the largest pieces in any living room, having one with more seating area can actually create the illusion that space has expanded significantly.

Before purchasing a sofa, take basic measurements of your space to help narrow down your options and save both time and money. Clear out the room, using masking tape to outline its dimensions; try keeping it no more than two-thirds the length of wall it will sit against if at all possible.

Also take into consideration the height and depth of the sofa you select. For instance, if your ceilings are 8-feet high, a lower sofa may make your room appear taller while one with deeper seating can provide greater comfort – making an excellent place for napping or watching television!


Your sofa should serve as the center of attention in your living room, facing out towards either your TV (or any of its screens or the garden or doorway) for maximum openness and enjoyment.

When it comes to selecting fabric for your sofa, there are various choices available to meet both your taste and lifestyle needs. If you frequently experience spills with children and/or pets present, stain-resistant fabrics may be more suited.

If you are uncertain which fabric would best suit your sofa, some brands offer the option for customers to bring in their own material to be customized into custom made pieces. Look out for “customer’s own material” (COM) on their websites as an indication.

Don’t overlook comfort as an important consideration. No matter its style or size, your sofa should allow you to kick back and relax comfortably – otherwise it is not the right sofa for you. Remember Joey’s advice “Measure Twice, Buy Once”. Ideally, test out several sofas before making your purchase decision.


An important piece in any living room, the sofa is an expensive investment and an integral component. While it might be tempting to follow current style trends, take care that they do not compromise comfort or functionality.

If you enjoy relaxing in front of the television, be sure that the couch is oriented in that direction. For hosting game nights or wine tasting events, a circular seating arrangement might work better.

If you are considering adding side tables, Martin suggests that those featuring curved designs might be ideal choices. Without sharp corners and inviting people to chat more easily, round tables provide the ideal place for socialization.

Opting for durable fabric that can stand up to everyday wear and tear is of the utmost importance when choosing a sofa. Look out for fade-resistant options, UV resistance as well as mildew/moisture protection if the piece will be placed in direct sunlight.


Your living room should be home to an inviting sofa that does not dominate its space. A suitable size will provide ample seating without hindering circulation.

No matter if it will be used for lounging around and watching television or entertaining friends, your sofa must feel inviting. In general, one with larger seat cushions and deeper frames provides the most relaxing lounging experience.

Consider also the arms of your sofa when making a decision. Some feature wide armrests which double as reading perches while others feature slimmer arms for a lighter aesthetic.

If your sofa will be used for entertaining, choose a fabric that can withstand spills and stains without succumbing to wear and tear, while for pets consider more resilient fabrics which resist hair and dirt buildup. Even without children or animals present, investing in durable furniture will last much longer.

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