Creating a Relaxing and Inviting Outdoor Living Space

Creating a Relaxing and Inviting Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces provide natural Vitamin D. Being exposed to nature has also been shown to reduce stress levels and aid in healing.

Create an inviting environment by installing a soothing focal point water feature or decorative garden wall. Ensuring privacy using fences, bushes, trees and lattice will help establish a peaceful setting in which you’ll love spending your time.

1. Add a Water Feature

No matter the size or shape of your space, adding a water feature can bring elegance and charm. Its soothing sound creates an atmosphere of calmness and relaxation that’s ideal for relaxation.

Water features can help enhance positive chi energy on your property, drawing birds, butterflies and other beneficial wildlife into it. A water feature may even attract wildlife like bats that would otherwise go unnoticed!

Color, line, texture and light are key design components to creating a cozy outdoor living area. A weatherproof rug or decorative throw pillows will give your outdoor living area the feel of being an extension of your home.

2. Add a Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit provides warmth and atmosphere in your backyard that extends its use well into fall or early spring, making it the ideal feature for entertaining guests in your space. Not only can it roast marshmallows for roasting; it is also the ideal location for creating food from scratch for group meals – making it the ideal addition.

Water features don’t need to be in the backyard–this homeowner framed theirs with a pergola, creating an outdoor dining space while adding beauty to their flower garden. Add decorative planters filled with vibrant summer blooms ($39 each, Walmart).

Hang a hammock from a pergola with canopy to add structure and style, then complement its look with colorful throw pillows in matching colors for an idyllic outdoor relaxation spot.

3. Add a Hammock

Hammocks can provide the ideal spot for relaxation in any backyard, be it attached to a tree or freestanding. Both options allow you to move it around as needed throughout your yard.

Add park benches or classic Adirondack chairs for additional seating in your garden. These outdoor garden chairs provide extra seating space when entertaining guests or reading in peace and quiet. Paint them a vibrant hue to really make them stand out.

Addition of a bar to your outdoor living area can keep everyone hydrated during parties and events, and can draw the eye towards more interesting elements in your living area.

4. Add Lighting

An inviting outdoor space cannot be complete without lighting! A well-thought out lighting design can help set a relaxing ambiance; adding various types of lights such as lanterns and candles can add character and set the scene for your patio space.

Be sure to enjoy your new outdoor living space all day with great lighting! Outdoor lighting is an appealing home feature and will increase property values.

Give your children a screen-free zone where they can explore, play and socialize outdoors. Studies show that spending time outside can boost immunity, creativity and mood.

5. Add Plants

Plants bring natural beauty and can improve air quality in outdoor living spaces, from fuchsias and bougainvillea to ferns, tropical palms and even succulents – making a big impressionful statement about any area they grace. Selecting easy-care varieties like these can have a tremendous effect.

An area rug made of fade- and mildew-resistant textiles adds texture and defines floor space, softening hard floors such as decking while creating a more inviting atmosphere in any area.

Outdoor furniture offers plenty of comfortable sitting opportunities, from deep seating sets and lounge chairs that allow for ample lounging opportunities, to accent pillows with vivid patterns that bring life and color into a seating area.

6. Add a Rug

Rugs add warmth underfoot while creating seating areas in your outdoor space, providing a welcome contrast against hard surfaces like patios, decks and garden furniture.

Create an inviting outdoor living space on any budget is within your reach. From creating spaces for hosting to relaxing in, every detail matters when creating the ultimate outdoor oasis.

An inviting outdoor space makes it easier to start each day with a cup of coffee, entertain friends and family, or enjoy weekend brunch with your children. Plus, it can help your children spend less time staring at screens – helping reduce nearsightedness.

7. Add Privacy

No matter if it’s an oasis or just a patio, when creating the space it’s essential to consider its needs when planning. For example, dining near your garden might benefit from having a pergola overhead for extra shade on sunny days and easy enjoyment.

To achieve an understated privacy solution, paint slatted fence panels or trellises in neutral hues such as sage green. This will blend in well with surrounding plants and prevent them from feeling overwhelming in smaller yards. Pair these screens with climbing plants for an added natural touch that extends outdoor living hours.

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