Design Tricks We Used in Dream Home Makeover

Design Tricks We Used in Dream Home Makeover

One of the Design Tricks We Used in Dream Home Make over is using neutral colors. These include white, cream, or light gray. The interior designer Courtney Turk recommends using white interior paint, specifically White Dove by Benjamin Moore. White walls will create a neutral backdrop for colorful furniture. Make sure to have an easy way to open paint cans. You may also want to invest in a paint-can opener.

Studio McGee’s work on Dream Home Makeover is very popular and has even prompted two seasons. It has been a hit on Netflix, with a second season already confirmed. The show follows the lives of the McGee family, as they tackle new home builds and one-room renovations. They’ve welcomed a new family member, too, and are already planning on a third season that will dazzle viewers.

The McGees are married design professionals with a passion for redefining problem spaces and building a new life. While they own a design studio and homeware company, the couple mortgaged their first home to start their own business. They’ve been a hit on the show, with several million viewers tuned in each season. Shea McGee also shares design tricks with viewers and tips for tackling problematic spaces.

Studio McGee’s instagram account has over two million followers. The couple started their business on Instagram, and later made it into a reality show with “Dream Home Makeover.” The McGees’ Instagram account is full of dreamy design ideas, and Netflix executives took notice. But while the show has its moments of inspiration, some of the episodes don’t go so well.

“Shea McGee” replaced her upper cabinets with wood shelves. This added texture and dimension to the room. It also makes it easier to mix and match different-sized rugs. In addition to making a space feel more open, rugs are also transitional decorative elements. Swap them out for a new look whenever you want. This is especially useful if you’re changing your home’s design style.

When you’re working on your dream house, remember to share your personality through your home decor. Decor helps us share our emotions and stories. Select unique items for each space. Wallpaper and carefully curated accessories are great ways to make a room feel unique. Unique trinkets, framed family photos, or collectible art are also great ways to layer a dream house look. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, the tips provided here should help you make your dream home a reality.

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