Easy DIY Home Decor Projects

Easy DIY Home Decor Projects

Are you looking to make your space more functional or simply add some style? There are plenty of DIY home decor projects out there that even novice crafters can manage.

These time-saving ideas are the ideal way to add some flair without breaking your budget. Try one of these easy DIY projects in an hour for some DIY flair in your home.

1. Kokedama planter

Kokedama planters have been around for centuries in Japan, and they’re back in fashion as an easy DIY home decor project. Simply wrap a moss ball with string or twine and add small plants to it for stunning visual interest.

Add some life and vibrancy to your home or office with this vibrant flower. Attach it to a platform, showcase in a clear glass container, or hang from a rafter for easy viewing.

Make a kokedama by mixing one part bonsai soil and two parts peat moss in a plastic container. The moss will keep the mix together as you add water as necessary.

2. Flower vase

Flower vases are an essential element of home decor, bringing the beauty of nature indoors. Not only that, but they make wonderful gifts for any special occasion – like Mother’s Day or a friend!

Create a desert-inspired look by filling a clear vase with layers of tiny gray pebbles and turquoise-colored rocks. Top the vase off with some woodsy flowers such as camillas or rhododendrons for an organic touch that feels fresh.

Create an elegant and on-trend centerpiece with this DIY patterned vase! All you need are two clear glass vases and some colorful paint for this modern design!

3. Upholstered footstool

Upholstered footstools can be an elegant and modern addition to any living space. Generally made with a wood base with an upholstered top, these pieces come in antique or vintage styles as well as modern designs.

To upholster a stool, you’ll need staple gun, cotton batting, upholstery foam, spray adhesive and an attractive fabric that complements your room or can be used frequently. Select materials that blend in well with other elements in the room for best results.

Start with a rectangular piece of decorative fabric large enough to cover the entire foot stool. Tack or staple it onto the base on all four sides, stopping 1″ – 2″ away from each leg for decoration.

4. Billy ball bouquet

A billy ball bouquet is the ideal way to add a splash of color and personality to your home decor. These sphere-shaped blooms are an easy DIY project that you can accomplish with only minimal materials.

Billy balls, also referred to as drumsticks, billy buttons or craspedia, are a timeless and bold flower that looks fantastic when combined with other blooms and dried pieces. Perfect for any event from spring to winter weddings, you can use these flowers along with other fresh or dried florals and greenery for an impressive centerpiece when combined.

5. Wooden slat frame

This easy-to-assemble wooden slat frame is the ideal way to show off your favorite photos. Not only is it affordable and straightforward to construct, but you’ll have all of your materials on hand in no time!

Slat walls are an architectural feature that adds a stylish, contemporary vibe to any room. While they’re commonly found in high-end homes and hotels, you can also incorporate them into your own home for an affordable budget-conscious aesthetic.

One time-saving solution is to purchase pre-cut one-by-two wood strips. This is an alternative to dimensional lumber slats, which require a table saw and are more costly.

6. Wall art

Wall art is an excellent way to add visual interest and flair to a space. It also gives the home some personality, reflecting the people who reside there.

Wall art can be expensive, so why not get creative and make it yourself! Utilizing items you already own, you can craft stunning pieces of artwork that will add a unique touch to your space.

Start with a thrifted canvas. Paint it an eye-catching abstract design, then frame it with wood frames for an eye-catching display that takes only hours to complete! Be the talk of the room when you unveil this simple but impressive look in just a few hours!

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