Top Interior Design Trends for 2023

Top Interior Design Trends for 2023

Designers and homeowners alike have a heightened focus on making homes serve their needs, from luxe mudrooms to unique seating layouts. 2023 design trends reflect this heightened personalization with pops of color, texture-rich materials and handmade pieces.

While trends shouldn’t dominate your style, they can be a great source of inspiration and ideas. Check out these top interior design trends for 2023 to stay ahead of the curve.

Warm Color Palettes

A warm color scheme gives a cozy, cocooning feel to a room. From earthy combos that create a neutral backdrop, to fiery pops of color, there are plenty of ways to experiment with this interior design trend.

Curves and smooth edges are a growing preference, from upholstered furniture to circular mirrors. Rounded shapes are a sign of a relaxing vibe, and they help to defy the boxy lines that have been prevalent in recent years.

As a nod to sustainability, more people are choosing recycled materials and embracing an eco-conscious lifestyle. This can be seen in the selection of lighting fixtures, paint colors and even furnishings. Gone are the days of purely decorative elements, which often end up cluttering a space. Instead, look to natural stone finishes like travertine and marble in 2023.

Patterned Fabrics

As the organic interior design trend gains momentum, homeowners will seek out durable fabrics that resemble natural materials. This decor style can add an element of surprise to a space, while creating a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

Purely decorative elements are on their way out, according to interior designers. Word art, trinkets, faux books and other items are now considered a distraction and can overwhelm a room’s ambiance.

Textured and patterned wallpapers are also on their way up. They offer a dramatic look that can be paired with other decor trends like color blocking and mixing metal finishes. In addition, a wallpaper with a bold pattern can be used on an accent wall to create a focal point. This can be especially helpful for small rooms that need an extra boost of visual interest.

Sustainable Materials

Although the patterned wallpaper trend experienced a heyday in 2022, homeowners will be more likely to choose a subtler option that blends different styles to create a look that is truly unique. This approach is more in line with a desire for personalization and self-expression.

Sustainable materials are also a growing design element in homes, with many people choosing to incorporate bamboo and other types of fast-growing woods that require fewer pesticides and fertilizers than traditional hardwoods. This trend is often tied to biophilic design, which emphasizes nature and organic materials to reduce stress, improve sleep, and evoke positive emotions in people.

Other sustainable design features include upcycled metal and repurposed materials. These elements limit waste and encourage creativity while introducing an earthy, textured feel to a room.

Biophilic Design

For those who want to incorporate the latest interior design trends, there are many ways to do so. You can try out a new color palette or fabric pattern in throw pillows, rugs or curtains. You can also greenify your home by adding plants or hanging terrariums.

Incorporating biophilic design into a space can be as simple as painting an accent wall emerald or lime. For more extensive renovations, designers can prioritize natural light, indoor-outdoor living spaces and floor plans with an organic feel.

Additionally, designers can add more texture and interest by incorporating curves into a space. This trend can be seen in rounded furniture, asymmetrical shelving units and curved mirrors. Finally, open floor plans are gaining popularity as people rediscover the importance of socializing at home.

Open Floor Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic fueled an interest in home entertainment, socializing and community, which will carry into 2023. This means more open floor plans and rooms that foster togetherness like mudrooms, dining areas and living rooms.

Rounding edges and curves have replaced straight lines in furniture, mirrors and decor. This style gives a soft, welcoming vibe to a room and adds an organic element to modern design.

Painted borders are a simple way to play with the look of walls and bring a touch of artistry to any space. Try a geometric pattern or a colorful floral print to give the look some extra flair.

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