Ways to Decorate a Large Bedroom

Ways to Decorate a Large Bedroom

If you have an extra-large bedroom, there are several ways to decorate it that won’t take up much space. Consider the use of mirrors and other reflective surfaces to give the room a sense of depth and dimension. Using different textures can also add coziness to the room. Try using colorful accent pillows and throws. You can add accent pieces to create the illusion of a separate area of the room.

One way to create depth in a large bedroom is to use a focal point wall. You can install a large antique mirror on this wall and flank it with two wall sconces. You could also install a vanity in the room, which is great for homes without bathrooms. You could also purchase a large chest of drawers for the bedroom and use them as nightstands. This will ground the entire room and make it look larger.

Colors are another way to make a large bedroom feel cozy. A dark, rich color like navy and teal will give the room a beach-themed feel. You can also bring the outside in by placing plants. Larger bedrooms are better able to accommodate a wider variety of plants. Keep in mind that competing textures in a small room will overwhelm the room. Use tactile textures to make the room feel cozy and inviting.

Lighting is also important. Use lighting that is both ambient and accent. Ambient lighting will illuminate the entire room while accent lighting will bathe the walls in soft illumination. Choose bedside lamps with movable arms for the maximum flexibility of light. Make sure each light has a separate on/off switch to provide selective illumination. If you want to incorporate accent lighting, consider adding a vanity along the wall or a chair and ottoman.

When choosing the right decor, remember that the bedroom is a private space. Choose calming colors and relaxing themes, and don’t forget to include your favorite collectibles. You will find that this area becomes a sanctuary of comfort for you and your loved ones. Adding unique accents will make your bedroom stand out in a crowd. Make sure to decorate it with your personal style and tastes. You’ll be happy with the end results!

A color scheme that evokes a tropical island escape makes a large room feel cozy and complete. This approach is similar to a color scheme where only a few colors dominate the room. For instance, this bedroom has a small chair next to a window, which makes it seem even larger. Similarly, a large art print above the bed adds visual interest and unifies the room. This room has a cool-toned accent wall that anchors the room and allows light to filter in while providing a quiet sitting area.

Alternatively, you can use more colorful accents in the bedroom. The French style bedroom is another great example of a bedroom with a French theme. The French-style bedroom features a chandelier, big windows, and detailed wall treatments. You can add vibrant pops of blue or sage with a bold throw pillow or busy bedding. A striking wallpaper can also add to the ambiance and make the room feel cozy and inviting.

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