Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling can be an excellent way to create a space you enjoy using, while simultaneously adding value to your home in the form of increased equity.

Prior to embarking on any major renovation project, it is vitally important to develop a plan. Discussing it with your contractor can ensure the project stays on time and on budget.

Updated Plumbing Systems

Upgraded plumbing systems can save money in the long run. New fixtures use less energy and water consumption, thus decreasing utility costs significantly. Furthermore, there are many eco-friendly bathroom appliances on the market which could be utilized during remodeling projects.

Opting to renovate older pipes and plumbing fixtures with modern materials such as plastic fittings or Speedfit pipes could help avoid future clogs, leaks and other problems before they even arise.

An upgraded and well-kept bathroom can add considerable value to a home. Potential buyers often look at kitchens and bathrooms when valuing properties, with potential buyers appraising these areas as keystones of valuation. Remodeling also increases home equity, making loans or credit cards easier to secure in the future; as well as helping reduce debt through reduced interest payments due to increased credit scores resulting from this boost of equity; ultimately leading to lower interest rates when borrowing funds later on.

More Storage Space

Lack of storage space in your bathroom can create chaos that not only looks unpleasant but can be harmful to health by trapping dust and mold. By installing extra cabinets and shelves to provide towel, toiletry and other storage needs. Also maximizing any unused spaces to create unique design solutions; such as installing shelving above doorways or corner shelves which make use of otherwise dead space.

If you plan on selling your home soon, when designing your bathroom remodel keep its resale value in mind. Select neutral colors that won’t clash with any potential buyer’s tastes and stay away from bold accent pieces that might draw away potential buyers.

Make your bathroom accessible for everyone by including elements of universal design now and avoid costly upgrades later. Consider installing blocking in the walls to accommodate for an eventual support bar installation. Remodeling can add significant equity to your home.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Remodeling your bathroom is an excellent way to transform it into an inviting retreat. Remodels may include new flooring, lighting fixtures and even paint; professional contractors will take away any of the stress involved with this process and help create a space you will cherish for years.

Your project’s scope may necessitate you obtaining a permit before starting work, such as changes involving plumbing or electrical systems. Before making decisions about timelines and such matters, be sure to discuss this matter with your contractor first.

Off-season offers you more flexibility when scheduling contractor’s availability than during spring and summer months when they tend to be very busy, which also helps avoid delays when procuring materials for your project.

Increased Resale Value

If you plan on selling your home in the future, renovating your bathroom can significantly boost its resale value. According to research by the National Association of Realtors, homeowners who invest in upgrades for their bathrooms typically recoup 71% of those costs upon reselling.

Based on your budget, there are a range of affordable upgrades that will increase the resale value of your home. Some easy ways of adding value include new toilets, tubs and showers, freestanding bathtubs, tile floors and new vanities.

If your remodeling project falls within your budget, sourcing materials on your own is one way to cut costs and save money. Reusing salvaged wood, reclaimed tiles and fixtures and even cutting into drywall to create storage space are great ideas that could save thousands. Paint and vinyl-coated wallpaper may also help make changes without breaking the bank.

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