Budget-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

Budget-Friendly Home Decorating Ideas

Add simple decor items to elevate a room, such as higher thread count bedding or painting walls for a high-end appearance.

Make shopping more efficient at home by opting for online or DIY shopping options instead of heading out into the cold to do it in-person. Instead of opting for just another boring mirror or dresser, consider getting creative by finding unique ones or adding decorative accents that showcase your personality on tables and chests around your house.


Add pops of color and depth to your home decor by replacing pillow covers and blankets with bright hues. Down alternative, polyester fiberfill and basic memory foam pillows tend to be budget-friendly options while more complex memory foam designs such as buckwheat or kapok can become more costly over time.

Displaying crisp white towels in a guest bathroom is another effective way to give it an air of luxury, particularly when coupled with hotel-style sheets.


Flowers can quickly add style to any room in your home at an economical price point, whether it’s an empty gallery wall, bedroom or dull corner. A $10 bouquet can fill a room with color and an intoxicating fragrance – the result being instant change!

Instead of the typical vase arrangement, try houseplant-like blooms in a basket or mason jars for an eye-catching rustic feel. Or invest in a floral frog ($7 at Michael’s) to keep stems upright inside a cup or vase.


Textured wallpaper adds drama and depth to your walls, from beachy vibes to cozy cabins. Plus, you can decorate it with representations of animals or places dear to your heart!

Create an inviting home ambiance on a budget without breaking the bank with these creative decorating tips that won’t break the bank! Repaint, use paintable wallpaper or use any one of several other methods can all help transform any space without breaking your budget.

Wooden Ladders

Ladders make an attractive accent piece and clever storage solution, perfect for guest bedrooms and storage needs alike. Use one to display blankets in the guest bedroom, hang wreaths from its first step or as bathroom shelves by suspending baskets from its rungs.

Add pegs and hooks to the rungs of a ladder for an enjoyable shoe rack in your closet, or spice up your kitchen by hanging ladder shelves for colorful plates.

Secondhand Decor

Repurpose items already owned to create a distinctive look. For instance, you could repurpose jars as vases or make table centerpieces from thrift store lamps. Furthermore, secondhand decor can be personalized by painting it yourself!

Save money by creating a dedicated savings account for your decorating budget and then depositing small amounts each month into it – this will allow you to stay within your budget without overspending!

Focal Point

A focal point is the primary design element that draws your eye as soon as you enter a room, such as art, lighting fixtures or even an impressive window with stunning views.

Budget-friendly ways to create the luxurious look in your home include repurposing furniture and decor, painting walls, DIY projects and accessorizing carefully – these ideas can elevate your abode while reflecting your individuality without breaking the bank.

Hanging Art

Artwork is an effortless way to make any room more welcoming and stylish. Large framed pieces make an impactful statement on walls while simultaneously showing guests who you are and expressing your style.

General guidelines suggest hanging art at 57 to 60 inches from the floor on an unobstructed wall, however if your woodwork or furniture ledge is much higher you could stack multiple smaller prints together like Jenna did in her entryway.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves add clean lines to walls while providing an eye-catching alternative to the more conventional bookshelf. Secured to panels using hidden brackets that run around them, these minimalist shelves don’t compete with their contents for space on display.

Styling modern floating shelves is easy; fill them with photos and decorative objects for an eye-catching display. Add a pop of green by placing plants like cascading pothos or small succulents on display; alternatively elevate the space with modern vases filled with low maintenance faux greenery.

Ceiling Appearance

Home decor professionals sometimes overlook the ceiling when decorating homes, yet this space can have a dramatic effect just by changing its color or design.

Designers commonly refer to the ceiling as the fifth wall, making it an excellent place for accent hues or wallpaper patterns to add depth and visual interest. A sky blue design on a coffered ceiling such as this adds depth and visual depth for added visual interest.


Melissa Penfold of Australian style expert Melissa Penfold believes the best home decorating ideas on a budget can be found within your own home. Rearranging furniture, adding house plants (even fake ones! ), and updating existing pieces are all cost-effective strategies that will breathe new life into any living space.

Don’t forget to peruse Facebook groups for secondhand items! And most importantly, remember that Rome wasn’t built overnight; take your time implementing your budget decorating scheme.

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