Budget-Friendly Home Organization Hacks

Budget-Friendly Home Organization Hacks

Organization doesn’t have to break the bank – there are plenty of budget-friendly solutions available that will keep your space looking perfectly tidy and organized.

Use a plastic laundry basket to organize and keep track of your kids’ toys in an organised way. Most thrift stores sell them for under $2 each.

1. Repurpose Paper Towels or Toilet Paper Rolls

Home organization doesn’t have to break the bank; there are plenty of inexpensive solutions for keeping belongings organized such as storage bins, pegboards, baskets and clothing hangers available on the market today.

Use empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls to organize various items around your home, from pencil holders and nature-inspired pencil cases, to using dryer lint as an eco-friendly fire starter, and cardboard tubes as easy ways to store cords.

Dollar stores are an excellent resource for finding inexpensive plastic storage containers to organize drawers or closets, while you may also find additional options at flea markets, thrift stores or neighborhood buy-nothing groups.

2. Use Rubber Bands or Carabiners

Home organization tools can be costly. Even inexpensive items can quickly add up when buying multiple bins, jars and storage systems. Luckily, you can reuse many existing items around the house in creative ways to save money.

File folders can help to organize clutter that tends to pile up under your kitchen sink, while plastic bag holders mounted to walls can organize trash, wrapping paper and other household supplies.

Curtain rings provide an easy and space-saving way to organize hair accessories, scarves and clothing items in the closet or home office. Plus they look great when added to a pegboard to organize craft supplies, tools or other supplies in your garage or home office!

3. Hang Tension Rods

Tension rods might seem like basic hardware pieces, but their versatility allows for endless creative applications. From increasing closet storage space and organizing pantry items, to making kiddie indoor forts into enjoyable home decor items and turning kids’ playhouses into beautiful decor features – tension rods have endless uses that go far beyond utilitarian purposes.

Turn a deep drawer into a filing cabinet by using a spring tension rod, S-hooks, and hanging file folders with ease using spring tension rods, S-hooks and hanging file folders. A tension rod can also be used as an effective storage solution for ribbon and wrapping paper in craft drawers. Incorporating simple curtains featuring rings hanging between parallel solid surfaces creates an eye-catching cottage-chic awning perfect for kitchen windows as well as being an efficient way to hide clutter on hutches or tables from view!

4. Use Plastic Food Containers with Lids

An disorganized drawer full of lids can be challenging to keep tidy and organized, so use adjustable drawer dividers to categorize them by shape and size for easier organization.

Hang a mesh or plastic basket on the door of your cabinet as an easy catch-all for container lids, nestling similar-sized lids together while keeping large square and rectangular lids separate so it’s easier to grab what you need quickly.

Glass jars make ideal storage containers for everything from snacks and cotton swabs to bathroom essentials – this DIY project costs only a few dollars and can easily be finished within one day!

5. Use Command Strips

Home organization doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg; professional organizers know of several cheap storage ideas suitable for any space and budget.

They use leftover toilet paper rolls to wind and tie cords for an effective, cost-efficient cord management solution, while hanging small baskets and bins from Command hooks inside cabinets to organize hair accessories, cleaning supplies and kitchen utensils – an especially handy strategy for renters or those living in dorm rooms, since these hooks remove without leaving nail holes behind.

Save money when it comes to bins and jars by taking advantage of containers from dollar stores or thrift shops. Shoe boxes make great drawer dividers while recycled wipes containers make ideal containers for twine, ribbon, and plastic bags storage.

6. Use Curtain Rings

Maintaining order in your home doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg; simply visiting the dollar store could provide you with some essential organization hacks to keep it looking its best!

Shower curtain rings make an inexpensive and efficient storage solution for all sorts of items, from scarves to belts. Slip some onto a clothes hanger to hold scarves; or add multiple rings onto an ordinary hanger in order to organize and untangle these accessories.

Glass jars are an affordable and multi-functional organizational solution. Use them in the pantry for flour and sugar storage as well as bathroom storage of cotton balls and swabs.

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