Creative Storage Solutions for Every Room in Your Home

Creative Storage Solutions for Every Room in Your Home

Storage solutions can transform any room. From building custom closets and bathroom shelving units, to decorating a mudroom with these clever solutions, these ideas will keep your belongings organized while looking beautiful.

Decorative boxes can be great for concealing remote controls and other small items in the living room, and in this home a narrow ottoman serves both as extra seating while concealing extra throws and pillows.

Built-In Shelves

Built-in shelves offer an attractive storage solution that blends in seamlessly with any architecture, such as in Maite Granda’s living room. Customized units like this one by Lucy Jo Home can be tailored to any size space you have and provide storage solutions for books or media. DIY enthusiasts may find Lucy Jo Home helpful as a guide that walks through every step of creating customized built-ins with detailed instructions and shopping lists that make the task doable.

Height can help create a sleeker aesthetic. By hanging cube shelves high on the wall, cube shelves or other types of shelf units can free up floor space for other uses and allow items to fill spaces that would normally be taken up by furniture (such as in this Kimberly Handler Designs nook).

Hat Walls

No matter if it’s vintage fedoras or chic berets, it is crucial that they are properly stored. Hats tend to lose shape in closets so it is best to hang them on a designated wall for easy access as well as decoration purposes. You might also find having a “hat wall” adds a decorative element!

Emily Henderson Design devised an inventive solution to keep hats organized and out of the way: they installed an accordion rack on this minimalist bedroom wall. This solution is especially great for renters as no holes need be drilled in their walls!

Make your own hat wall by adding hooks to an empty wall or an over-the-door organizer, keeping in mind that hats come in different sizes; try creating an organic arrangement instead by spacing out each hook a bit for optimal functionality and visual appeal.

Wine Racks

Wine racks can be constructed out of various materials and come in all sizes and shapes. While some might simply need an easy way to display and store their bottles, others might require more advanced solutions like custom or kit cellar racking systems.

Wooden wine racks make excellent insulators that help to regulate temperature fluctuations, keeping wines at optimal conditions longer. Their wide array of colors and styles allows them to fit seamlessly with any home decor, such as redwood, pine needle, mahogany or cherry; each providing their own aesthetic benefit while being durable enough for everyday use.

Plastic wine racks provide an alternative form of storage that doesn’t release any odors that could permeate corks and ruin wine stored within. Furthermore, these moisture resistant racks can easily be cleaned, making them the ideal option for delicate wines such as champagne. Plastic racks can either be wall-mounted, freestanding or tailored to fit inside of cabinets for easy organization and access.

Recessed Shelves

Installing recessed shelves is an ideal way to increase storage space while adding character and charm to any home. First, remove a section of drywall where you want the shelves. Use a stud finder or small inspection hole to locate any studs in the wall before cutting, as this will also let you see if there are any pipes or wires running through the walls that require protection.

These shallow, recessed shelves provide ample room to tuck away essential bathroom or kitchen supplies, as well as books or wellness products in your bedroom. Plus, these attractive pieces of decor add visual interest.

If you’re taking on a more substantial task like this one, it is advisable to work with an experienced carpenter. They will ensure the shelf is sturdy without interfering with any plumbing behind the wall and can assist with materials and labor costs for the project.

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