How to Make the Most of a Small Outdoor Space

How to Make the Most of a Small Outdoor Space

Not everyone can boast the luxury of a spacious backyard. But even smaller outdoor spaces can be enhanced with stylish furniture, accents and features to make the most out of their available space.

Your backyard should be divided into areas for dining, relaxing and entertainment to help make the space seem larger. Climbing plants or a trellis can also add dimension by turning a simple fence into an eye-catching living wall.

Add a Built-In Bench

Due to Australia’s increasingly compact backyards, optimizing outdoor space requires every piece of furniture and decor do double duty. One way of making maximum use of limited outdoor space is creating seating benches from cinder blocks – like this DIY project shared by jenniferperkins – while concealing essential items and adding visual interest on your patio.

Add seating with ease by installing a slimline plant stand against either a wall or fence, like this project on ruggydiy. Fill it with planters and frames for a lush effect that makes the area appear larger and brighter.

Mix-and-Match Furniture

Avoid letting a small outdoor space limit your design choices; using mixed and matching furniture pieces like garden stools that serve both seating and table purposes can help open up and maximize space usage.

Employ the same colors used inside to instantly unify an outdoor living room space. Here, a vibrant painting on the wall and matching throw pillows add style and comfort to this small patio.

Draw attention upward and mark an entertaining area or conversation zone visually using drapes crafted from weather-resistant fabric. String lights add atmosphere.

Add a Bar Cart

A bar cart can be an efficient way to divide an outdoor space when space is at a premium. Place this piece facing either your backyard or a beautiful view for added drama and ambience.

Styling your bar with a theme can be a fun way to personalize it and add character. Amy Littleson used a mermaid motif while Candie Anderson went for golf-inspired decor elements. Keep accessories to a minimum to maintain an elegant and uncluttered appearance.

Try flipping a pallet over to create an easy outdoor bar! Just add tables and lounge chairs for the perfect spot for relaxing or hosting parties.

Tuck a Swing Under Your Deck

Outfitting a small outdoor space offers you an opportunity to express your creativity. By selecting appropriate furnishings and accents, you can craft an environment that looks deceptively large – ideal for barbecues, game nights and bonfires!

This porch swing features two reclining seats and side tables to hold your favorite drinks, plus an oversized canopy constructed from breathable fade-resistant fabric for air circulation and UV ray blocking – essential features to keeping you from overheating while blocking 90% of UV rays from reaching you.

Think Vertically

Even in smaller outdoor spaces, when designed with style in mind. For instance, carve out separate areas for dining and lounging with furniture to mark these sections off.

Dividing the space into purposeful sections also helps a deck feel larger, like influencer Sophie Elkus did with her outdoor room. By adding mirrors into the mix, your outdoor room will appear larger and brighter.

Add a Focal Point

Focal points draw the eye and provide purpose to a space. Lanterns, glass bottles and colorful pillows all do just this. Focal points also act as visual distractions from features that might detract from it – like an ugly power line or nearby garage.

Assemble garden spaces and outdoor rooms into distinct focal points to expand your space. This could involve building low stone walls, adding terraces or creating garden paths leading to different sections of your yard.

Go Neutral

An outdoor space doesn’t need to be overburdened with bold pieces and vibrant hues to be inviting, cozy and relaxing. Sometimes keeping things neutral allows the natural landscape of your garden or patio to take center stage – consider reusing tree stumps as side tables for an unassuming backyard retreat, or adding soft textures like shrubs with vines climbing trellises for added softness.

Keep It Simple

An outdoor space designed with beauty doesn’t need to be packed full of furniture and accessories – minimalist design is just as effective at defining its space, helping the scenery take center stage.

When hosting an outdoor party, choose multifunctional furniture to seat as many guests without overwhelming your small outdoor space. A mirror could serve as an extension for a dining table extension while fastening plants to an unattractive fence could transform it into an eye-catching garden feature.

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